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LIVE UPDATE – Rally in Cyprus in support of Armenia

GMT +4 Time Zone

23:59 – A march in support of Armenia, amid the ongoing active conflict with Azerbaijan, was held in Nicosia on Wednesday, in front of the American, Russian and French embassies, Cyprus Mail reports.

House President Demetris Syllouris expressed his support for Armenia in the conflict and condemned the violation of the ceasefire by Azerbaijan “backed by Turkey.”

“We support every action that will contribute to the de-escalation of the conflict and that will help the peace process in the region,” the statement said.

19:30 – Azerbaijan has handed over the air command of its offensive operation against the Artsakh Republic to the Turkish Air Force, the Armenian Defense Ministry reports.

Since 10:00 am today, two F-16 fighter jets of the Turkish Air Force flying from Kurdamir, as well as the Azerbaijani SU-25 fighter jets, Bayraktar reconnaissance UAV have been carrying attacks at high altitudes at settlements of Martuni and Hadrut, the Ministry said.

The air force operates under the command of the Turkish E7-T remote air command post in Erzurum- Kars section.

In addition, at a certain depth from the border of the Hadrut region, there is a Turkish UAV command post, which directly oversights the fire of Azerbaijani attack aircrafts.

The above information is directly monitored and recorded from the Joint Air Defense Command.

19:25 – Azerbaijan once again targeted civilian targets in the city of Martakert. As we have already mentioned, we had 3 losses among the civilian population. Attached are the photos depicting the devastation caused by the Azerbaijani bombing provided by the State Emergency Service of Artsakh.

16:00 – New destructions of the adversary strongholds and military equipment

Հակառակորդի հենակետերի և մարտական տեխնիկայի հերթական խոցումներըОчередное поражение опорных пунктов и боевой техники противникаNew destructions of the adversary strongholds and military equipment

Gepostet von Shushan Stepanyan am Mittwoch, 30. September 2020

14։00 – Today, the adversary has used Turkish F-16 fighter jets in the north-eastern and then southern directions of the Defense Army. At the moment, intense fighting continues along the entire front line. The Defense Army has significant successes in a number of directions. The number of human and military equipment losses of the adversary is increasing.

13:30 – The fighting continues. The subdivisions of the Artsakh Defense Army are carrying out punitive counter retaliatory actions in specific areas. A large number of military hardware have been destroyed, including the TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system.

12:40 – Azerbaijani media spread another fake news, claiming that they destroyed a bunker with high-ranking Armenian army officers in Artsakh. The news is of course FAKE. The photo they used is an old one.

12:38 – On September 29, F-16 multifunctional fighter of the Turkish Air Forces, with base in the “Ganja” airport of Azerbaijan, downed within the airspace of the Republic of Armenia in Vardenis region the SU-25 Fighter of the Armenian Armed Forces which was carrying out combat tasks to repel the attacks of Azerbaijan on military and civilian objects. Major Valeri Danelin, pilot of the Armed Forces of Armenia, was killed, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“This is not the first provocative action of the Turkish air forces. Since appearing in Azerbaijan, the Turkish air forces have been carrying out provocative flights along the line of contact between Artsakh and Azerbaijan. During the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan, they in fact have been providing air support to the combat units of the Azerbaijani army,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Notably, it said, provocative flights by Turkey have been carried out along the Armenian-Turkish border as well, on certain instances crossing and violating the airspace of Armenia. On September 27, in the same section of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, a Turkish F-16 airplane violated the Armenia air space and launched missiles at the Vardenis region.

The Turkish air force was deployed to Azerbaijan during the large-scale Turkish-Azerbaijani military drills held from July 29 to August 13 and, since then, has not been withdrawn from Azerbaijan.

The provocative actions of the Turkish armed forces seriously undermine the regional security and hinder the efforts of the international community to cease the hostilities.

International community called on the external actors to refrain from escalating the conflict, and Turkey should heed these calls.

We strongly condemn Turkey’s provocative actions and demand the immediate withdrawal of the Turkish armed forces, including the air force from the conflict zone.